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craniosacral therapy - treatments and practicing days level CST1 and 2 

Craniosacral therapy is new at MeetingInZdonov. It is a gentle method to find causes for and offer healing for obstructions and restrictions. The activities are under construction, in general you can stay for a week, and combine a number of personalized treatments with holidays, light yoga, training and great food. We aim at the 'seemingly unsolvable' and work through self help practices. Please inform at 

Decalcomania: Painting workshop met/with Gudrun Vancoillie: NL / E

see agenda, a workshop by Gudrun Van Coillie (B), (including yoga) that teaches you portrait and landscape painting based on the technique of decalcomania. 

volunteer projects - offers training in certain techniques - workaway

based on the succes in 2015 we now offer specific themes to small groups of volunteers. in a very friendly and open setting you may learn construction with wood, about furniture, or dry wall techniques with sandstone, gardening. we work in small teams together, usually in the morning. great opportunity to learn and to make friends for ever.


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